Death News

2008, AT, 23min, HD 1.78:1
Panasonic AG-HVX200

A G2Film / HEVI Film Production

with Mit Johannes Silberschneider, Christopher Schärf, Julia Lazek, Florian Reiter, Kari Rakkola, Michael Blihall, Christine Kain, Thomas Declaude, Michael Steinocher, Jay Wilke, Andrea Tiziani, Roswitha Soukup, Wolfang Muhr, Florian Mader, Ufuk Dag


15th Diagonale Austrian Film Festival / AT 2008
04th Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival / AT 2008
*** Audience award
14th Filmfestival Filmacademy Vienna / AT 2009

Julius Bürgel issues death news. We all need a hobby, after all. While some breed fight-hamsters, write latin grammar textbooks or mow the lawn, he rings the doorbell at different houses and expresses his condolences. That way you can meet new people, better your elocution technique and it's a cheap hobby too. Now he is giving an exclusive interview for the first time – which is only for you – in which he will openly reveal some secrets. About all the world and his brother, the special psychological added value of a police uniform and about why newly-weds are the best victims. Furthermore we would like to sincerely thank Walter Woldrich for his completely involuntary assistance with a small demonstration. His wife Sophie has just died during a car crash. At least that's what the friendly officer standing in front of Walter's house and who knows more details about the course of the accident than he should, is saying. Would you believe him? (Sarah Wassermair)

DirectorUmut Dag
ScreenwriterSarah Wassermair
CinematographerGeorg Geutebrueck
Production designerFritjof Giese
Costume designerBrigitte Schima
Production sound mixerPatrick Strasser
EditorLaszlo Vancsa
Music composerSiopao
ProducersUmut Dag & Georg Geutebrueck
Line producerFlorian Krügel
Production managerGabi Reich
Assistant directorHevi Ciya
1st assistant cameraDaniel Hoeflehner
GafferMatthias Ganster
ElectriciansLeni Lauritsch & Anselm Hartmann
Key gripKurt Bogg
Digital coloristLaszlo Vancsa
Camera rentalAV-Professional
Lighting rentalDopplinger