Shorts Future

2005, AT, 67min, SD 1.78:1
Panasonic AG-DVX100AE

A G2Film Production

with Jasmina Hajdany, Johannes Silberschneider, Maria Hofstätter, Tristan Schulze, Attila Boa, Axel Behrens, Michael Durovic, Wilhelm Faber, Barbara Fränzen, Lars Henrik Gass, Carlo Hufnagl, Enrico Jakob, Michael Jahn, Marco Kalantari, Oliver Langewitz, Anke Lindenkamp, Michael Nagenborg, Ines Rössl, Jörg Wagner, Virgil Widrich

It follows the young and energetic short film maker through the making of her short film 'Johannes’ Passion' which is her application to join the directing class at the Vienna Film Academy. Together with her team she moves mountains to realise this ambitious project and reach her goal. The documentary includes interviews with experienced short filmers from Germany and Austria, analysing a booming genre. Introducing new means of distribution and giving important tips for every step of the short film production process this documentary gives a varied look at the fascinating universe of short films.
(Georg Geutebrueck)

DirectorGeorg Geutebrueck
CinematographerGeorg Geutebrueck
Production sound mixerPatrick Strasser
EditorGeorg Geutebrueck
Music composerOles Zupnik
ProducersGeorg Geutebrueck & David Hradetzky
VFX supervisorChristian Schwab
Digital coloristGeorg Geutebrueck


01st Vienna Independent Shorts / AT 2005
03rd Int. Independent Filmfestival Ohne Kohle / AT 2005
*** Silberner Filmpreis
02nd Festival des Trigitalen Films / AT 2005
24th Kassel Dokumentarfilm- & Videofest / DE 2006