Peacecamp Experience

AT 2008, 25min, SD 1.78:1
Panasonic AG-DVX100AE

A G2Film Production


8th Jewish Film Festival Vienna / AT 2007

While a whole generation of young people is locked into the vicious ideological war and terror circle of their parents and grandparents in the Near East, a small but ambitious project run by Austrian psychoanalyst Evelyn Böhmer-Laufer offers change and a challenge for a group of youths. For the fifth time the Peacecamp project has now brought Jewish and Palestinian teenagers together with Austrian and Hungarian ones for a ten-day peace camp in a remote Austrian village, far away from the troubles at home. As every moment is strictly organised, the young participants feel they do not have the freedom to get to know one another. Soon conflicts arise between some of them and the group leaders. The youths begin to join up and one morning they take a stand to make clear that they want to have a say in the decision making process. This turning point also removes the impossibility of agreement amongst the groups, but rather highlights different points of view between the generations.
(Georg Geutebrueck)

DirectorGeorg Geutebrueck
CinematographerGeorg Geutebrueck
Production sound mixerOles Zupnik
EditorChristoph Schwarz
ProducersGeorg Geutebrueck & Christoph Schwarz