A Short Long Life

2012, AT/D/SK/IL, 45min, HD 1.78:1
Panasonic AG-HVX200

Produced at Filmacademy Vienna, MDW

with Tuvia Ruebner & Galilia Ruebner

Tuvya Rubner's life was a constant dealing with loss. Today he is one of Israel's most renowned lyricists. His inquisitive, unpretentious view is the one of a man who will never find closure with life, be it good or bad. (Henning Backhaus)

DirectorHenning Backhaus
CinematographerGeorg Geutebrueck
Production sound mixerHenning Backhaus
EditorHenning Backhaus
ProducerEsther Hassfurther
B camera operatorSebastian Thaler
VFX supervisorRoland Stöttinger
Digital coloristGeorg Geutebrueck
Camera rentalFilmakademie Wien


13th Jewish Film Festival Vienna / AT 2012